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Tangle-Proof Call Lanyard

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sku: AC00802


Product details

Model: Slip-Knot

Tangle-Proof Call Lanyard

Slip-Knot Call Adapters
Keeps Calls Separated and Easy to Find
The Ultimate Duck Call Lanyard! No, it’s not the beautiful braided leather, but it works much better!
Calls lay flat against your chest and stay well separated so it is easy to find the right call without looking and more importantly, without moving your head.
  • Avoids tangling
  • Side Release System allows quick connection/disconnection
  • Holds 4 calls; expandable to 8 with accessories
  • 5-color Camo Webbing
  • Available in Two Models (Spring-Loaded or Slip-Knot Adapters


Tangle-Proof Call Lanyard

Call Adapters (included)

Tangle-Proof Call Lanyard

Optional Call Lanyard Accessories

  • Add versatility to your Call Lanyards
  • Hold more calls on our lanyard
  • Quickly and easily change-out additional calls
  • Double call attachment options
Dual Call Adapters
Allows double connection to a single call or allows two calls to be connected to a single S/R slot
Single Call Adapters
Connects a single call to S/R slot

End Type

5/8" Side Release
  • Quickly and easily disconnect calls from Gear Keeper
  • Included Accessories: see above
  • See Other Available Accessories

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