Small Tools Retractor

Small Tools Retractor

These tow models will protect all your small tolls, keep 'em handy too

  • Great for all small tools
  • Stainless steel components survive in salt water environments
  • Quick Connect (Q/C) Split Ring allows quick and easy tool disconnection

Low Force

Low force retractors are ideal for 1-2 small tools and it allows long extension (36”). It's ideal for hook extractor tools where you may need longer reach.
Small Tool Retractors Low Force - Snap Clip Mount RT2-0010
Snap Clip Mount - Low Force
Small Tool Retractors Low Force - Pin Mount RT2-0020
Pin Mount - Low Force

Medium Force

The Medium force retractor was originally designed for pliers. However, we find many anglers like the positive feel it offers. Or, some like to hook multiple tools to a single retractor.
Small Tool Retractors Medium Force - Snap Clip Mount RT2-0011
Snap Clip Mount - Medium Force
Small Tool Retractors Medium Force - Pin Mount RT2-0021
Pin Mount - Medium Force

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