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Personal Heavy Tool Tethers

Personal Heavy Tool Tethers

Personal Attachment Heavy Tool Tethers

Protect your tools and your co-workers

Injuries caused by dropped tools is a growing concern for safety professionals.
Tool tethering is a challenge for workers and safety professionals in order to effectively and safely minimize dropped tools while maintaining productivity…
Gear Keeper is your solutions provider for solving this challenge
This guide will help you solve tool attachment problems, select the proper tether based on tool weight, and provide effective solutions to improve productivity.

• Tool tethering solutions provided here are a means for minimizing dropped tools, but further safety precautions should be addressed by a qualified safety professional
• Always choose a tool tether that is rated higher than the tool weight.
• Tool Tethers must be inspected daily and after a tool is accidentally dropped, and should be replaced at the first signs of wear.
• Tool ratings are based on dynamic load testing. ie, A 6 lb tool tether can safely be used for a 6 lb tool.
• Consideration must be given to the anchor point such that it is strong enough to handle the shock load of a dropped tool. For example: a 10 lb tool on a 3 foot tether has an accelerated drop length of 6’, and the shock-load can exceed 200 lbs.
• When attaching a heavy tool to a fall protection device, the shock load must not exceed the fall protection device’s rating. This issue must be determined by a qualified safety professional.

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