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Micro Zinger Gear Keeper

Micro Zinger Gear Keeper

Snap Clip Mount
Finally, a Zinger That's Built to Last. Comapact Tool!
If you're tired of breaking zingers and losing your tools at your favorite fishing hole, then this is the product for you. The pin will not pop off your vest, it allows full arm extension, tools are easily disconnected or swapped, it's real strong (50-lb break strength using Spectra/Nylon line).
This unit costs a bit more than other zingers but why risk loosing your favorite tool because you saved a few bucks on a zinger that breaks or fails?

  • Stainless steel components survive in salt water environments
  • Quick Connect (Q/C) Split Ring allows quick and easy tool disconnection
Super Zinger - Snap Clip RT5-2101
Snap Clip Mount
Super Zinger - Threaded Stud RT5-2102
Threaded Stud
Super Zinger - Spring Clip RT5-2103
Spring Clip

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