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Lanyard Hunting

Lanyard Hunting

The RT2 Series features 60# break strength, stainless steel nylon-coated cable and a high-impact housing. It’s available in multiple retraction forces and mounting options.

Speciality product packages combine the proper retraction force, attachment accessories and mounting options for specific applications (ie; Dog Training Transmitters, GPS units, Range Finders, FRS Radios, and Duck Calls). Or you can choose whatever force, mounting option, and end type to create your own com-bination (Refer to RT2/RT3/RT4 Product Pages)

Other speciality products include the Tangle-Proof Duck Call Lanyard. This innovative design is the ideal way to hold your calls—separates calls to eliminate tangling, noise and allows calls to be easily located without looking.

The Side Release Call Adaptors provide the ability to change out calls and customize the lanyard easily and quickly.

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