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Retractor Fly Fishing

Retractor Fly Fishing

The RT3 series features 80# break-strength with Nylon/Kevlar line. The RT2 series and the New RT4 series features 60# break-strength with stainless steel nylon coated cable. The New RT5 Micro Series features 40# break-strength with a spectra/nylon line. All four series Gear Keepers have high-impact housings and are available in multiple spring forces and mounting options for securing the gear you need to keep handy and can’t afford to lose.

The High Force Locking Net Retractor has revolutionized the hold-ing, securing, and use of a landing net. It’s perfect combination of force and extension allows full landing net use without restriction. Use your net, then let it go; it stores itself on your back. No more worrying about losing your net or fumbling to re-attach a mag-net. And the handy Locking Mechanism secures your net while hiking through brush.

The Wading Staff Tether is the best way to secure a wading staff at your side so it’s ac-cessible but isn’t getting tangled around your legs. Use your wading staff, then let it go; it’ll be right there when you need it. The New RT4 Series Wading Staff Tether makes a great product even better! It offers longer extension for cross-body reach and now comes as a Combo Mount—both a Snap Clip and Threaded Stud in the same package! That’s even more flexibility for mounting your Gear Keeper right where you want it.

The New RT5 Micro series Gear Keeper is the perfect Zinger solution — small/light package, strong 40# break-strength, long 36” extension, 2-oz. retraction force that handles both your nippers and forceps.

Additionally it includes all of the standard Gear Keeper features; patented flushing system, saltwater proof, and Q/C end type.

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