CB Mic Keeper

CB Mic Keeper

CB Mic Keeper

Tired of Fumbling with Your CB Mic?
Secures the Mic in cab so that it's easily extended during use, eliminating the need to re-hang on Clip. Avoid the bungie cord problems (swinging, getting hit in the head, or dropping). You can adjust the hanging level, if necessary with the lanyard extension. Even when the Mic is hung for maximum extension, the swinging is significantly less than with a bungie cord!
  • Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let It Go - It retracts back up to the headliner


NEW: 200% the Spring Life $ Longer Extension
Compact unit preferred by 70% of users
Adequate extension for most applications with easy retraction force
CB Mic Keeper - Standard RT4-4112
9 oz Retraction / 28" Extension

Heavy Duty

NEW: Two Great Mounting Options:
Removable or Semi-Permanent
Higher retraction force; longer extension and higher spring cycle life make this unit ideal for the heavy duty user, heavy mics, construction vehicles or when extension to passenger compartment is required

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