Fire Flashlight - Small Flashlight Retractors

Fire Flashlight - Small Flashlight Retractors

Small Fire Flashlight Retractor

Firefighter / Rescue Small Flashlight Retractor
Recommended for small flashlights (4AA-2C)
Grab your light, use it, let it go... it's right where you need it
Simply extend the tether for easy use and eliminate the risk of loss or the need to re-clip flashlight. Ideal when using your flashlight and you need to let go to use both hands!

Small Flashlight Retractor

Small Fire Flashlight Retractor - Heavy Duty Snap Clip RT2-4412
Heavy Duty Snap Clip

Small Flashlight Retractor w/Stabalizer

Small Fire Flashlight Retractor w/ Stabliizer - Threaded Stud Mount RT2-4322
Threaded Stud Mount

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