Hanging Instruments Tether

Hanging Instruments Tether

Hanging Instrument Tether

Wireless Bar Code Scanners, Gas Detection Meters, PDAs
Designed to hang a Bar Code Scanner or Instrument from a forklift or packaging/assembly line. Provides arms reach capability and industrial-grade durability for a fraction of the cost of the big tool balancers.
  • Arms-reach capability in a very durable compact design
  • Q/C-II Connector allows easy disconnection of instrument from Gear Keeper
  • Includes adhesive attachment for scanners without lanyard loop
Hanging Instrument Tether 12oz Force RT3-4512
Snap Clip Mount
Hanging Instrument Tether 18oz Force RT3-4518
Snap Clip Mount
Hanging Instrument Tether 24oz Force RT3-4524
Snap Clip Mount

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