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Side Arm Retracting Tether - Clamp On Belt Clip / Super Force

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sku: RT35563


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Model: Rotating Belt Clamp Mount (QC-II)

Side Arm Retracting Tether - Clamp On Belt Clip / Super Force

Clamp On Belt Clip
Super Force

Sidearm Retracting Tether

Don't get caught without your weapon

When it's necessary to have a Sidearm Tethered, Gear Keeper Retractable Tethers offer:

  • A streamlined profile to eliminate snagging when entering/exiting vehicles or aircraft
  • Keeps firearm accessible if dropped
  • Developed with and used by SWAT and the military
  • Does not retract firearm but prevents loss
  • A defined breakpoint if sidearm does get entangled
  • Available in two forces: (1) no resistance (2) enough resistance to prevent firearm from contacting the ground and added stabilization while aiming
  • Quick disconnect system allows firearm to easily disconnected from tether

Prevents firearm from hitting or dragging on ground.
Ideal for short duration use.
Stabilization force while aiming.
Will suspend fully-loaded handgun


Side Arm Retracting Tether - Clamp On Belt Clip / Super Force


Low Force

  • Nylon Coated Kevlar Line
  • Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • 80 lbs. Breaking Strength

Mounting System

Clamp On Rotating Belt Clip:

  • Extremely secure Clamp-On system that will not dislodge from gun belt
  • Securely attaches to gun belts behind holster (up to 2 1/4")
  • Rotates 360 degrees for ease of use and minimal line wear

Retracting End Type

Quick Connect-II (Q/C-II)

  • Quickly and easily disconnect console from Gear Keeper
  • Included Accessory: Q/C-II Split Ring
  • See Other Available Accessories


Military Retractable Gear Flyer

Size: 727,4 Kb

Quick Connect II Open: Vectorized (psd)

Size: 1,48 Mb

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