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Retractable Marine Instrument Tether - Snap Clip Mount

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sku: RT25312A


Product details

Model: Snap Clip Mount

Retractable Marine Instrument Tether - Snap Clip Mount

PM Snap Clip Mount System

Retractable Marine Instrument Tether

Avoid losing or dropping your valuable instruments

GPS Units, Hand Held Radios, Wind Meters...

When you take an expensive, hand-held electronic instrument on a boat, we think it's only a matter of time until you drop it. Heck, if you believe in Murphy's Law, it'll end up in the water right when you need it most — unless you use this Gear Keeper Retractor!

  • Instruments can be suspended directly from Mini Gear Keeper® Retractor or…
  • Lanyard allows instrument to be clipped on belt or stored in pocket while connected to Mini Gear Keeper®
  • GK Quick Connect allows instrument to be easily connected or disconnected


Retractable Marine Instrument Tether - Snap Clip Mount

Mounting Systems

PM Snap Clip:

  • Attaches to D-ring or belt loop


  • Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable
  • Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • 60 lbs. Breaking Strength

Retracting End Type

Quick Connect (Q/C)

  • Quickly and easily disconnect instrument from Gear Keeper
  • Included Accessory: Q/C Split Ring
    Q/C Lanyard
  • Adhesive Pad-Eye
  • See Other Available Accessories

Usage Notes

Includes adhesive pad eye and 3/8” split ring (right)

  • Use for applications where device has no convenient lanyard loop

Q/C Split Ring:

  • Use for short connection
  • Connect Split Ring Directly to Radio (left)

    Loop Lanyard Through Gear (right)

    • Remove split ring from lanyard
    • Feed loose end of lanyard through radio
    • Feed Male Quick Connect through lanyard loop
    • Pull loop tight against radio


Tool Tether

Size: 3,07 Mb

Retractable Gear Attachment Systems

Size: 473,32 Kb

Tether Industrial ANSI/ISEA 121-2018

Size: 1,83 Mb

RT2 Gear Keepers Quick Connect: Vectorized (psd)

Size: 4,94 Mb

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