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MOLLE Mount Velcro Strap 9oz Force

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Model: Velcro Strap Mount

MOLLE Mount Velcro Strap 3oz Force

3 oz | 36" ExtMounts Easily to MOLLE System. Prevents Gear Loos.
All the great advantages of the Gear Keeper Retractor System built just for the MOLLE System. Available as Berry Compliant too.
The prefect solution for tethering your gear in order to allow full gear use while preventing loss. Select appropriate force based on gear weight to retract and hold gear.
Note: Lower force models may be used as a safety tether for heavier items. In this case, Gear Keeper will only prevent loss but will not retract item. Ideal when high retraction force would hinder use of gear.


Camera Retractor - Velcro Strap Mount


  • Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable
  • Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • 60 lbs. Breaking Strength

Mounting Systems

Velcro Strap
  • Velcro strap securely wraps and cinches around any loop, bar, belt, or strap
  • Retracting End Type

  • Quick Connect (Q/C)
    • Quickly and easily disconnect whistle from Gear Keeper
    • Included Accessories:Q/C-I Split Ring
    • See Other Available Accessories


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Velcro Strap: Vectorized (psd)

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