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Heavy Instrument Tether 16inch Brass Snap / Carabiner 68oz Force

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sku: RT34868


Product details

Model: Brass Snap / Carabiner 4.2 lb.

Heavy Instrument Tether 16" Brass Snap / Carabiner 68oz Force

Heavy Instrument Tether 16"

These Retractable Instrument Tethers secures your heavy instrument, preventing loss and damage while allowing easy extension. Available in three forces to match the weight of your heavy instrument.

  • Designed for very heavy instruments
  • RT3 Series with two QC-II Accessories Included
  • Brass bolt lock clip attaches to D-ring or belt loop
  • Carabiner attaches to instrument


Heavy Instrument Tether 16" Brass Snap / Carabiner 68oz Force


  • Nylon/Kevlar Line
  • Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • 80 lbs. Breaking Strength

Mounting System

Brass Bolt Snap Clip Mount (RT3-48XX)

  • Clip securely attaches to D-ring or belt loop

End Type

Heavy Duty Carabiner

  • Quickly and easily disconnect instrument from carabiner

Usage Notes

There are two ways in which to use a Gear Keeper Instrument Tether

Safety Tether – A lower force Gear Keeper is used to provide minimal resistance on the instrument, yet will protect the instrument from damage or loss. In this case the instrument must be stored in a holster when not being used.
This method is most often used when the instrument is held out for a long period of time and the user wishes to have minimal force pulling on the instrument.
In most cases it is necessary to use the lanyard extension, which allows easy storage of the instrument in a holster.

Retractor – The Gear Keeper retractor matches the weight of the instrument to suspend and secure it during use.
This method is most often used when the users just wishes to grab the instrument, then let it go when they are done. There are no hassles with storing the instrument and productivity is increased.
In most cases the instrument is attached to the Gear Keeper with the Q/C-II Split Ring accessory to minimize dangle length.


Instrumentation Flyer

Size: 1,29 Mb

Tool Tether

Size: 3,07 Mb

Tether Industrial ANSI/ISEA 121-2018

Size: 1,83 Mb

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