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sku: RT55601


Product details

Model: Velcro Strap Mount

Hard Hat Lanyard

Combo Mount
18 oz hard hat limit

Hang onto your hat!

  • Tethers hard hat to fall-protection harness--prevents dropping
  • Retractor keeps lanyard close to your body, minimizing entanglement
  • Retractor provides capability to remove hard hat and drape over shoulder


Hard Hat Lanyard


  • Spectra/Nylon Line
  • Stainless Steel Spring & Hardware
  • 14” Extension
  • 2.5 oz. Retraction Force
  • 18 oz. Weight Limit (hard hat)

Mounting System

Velcro Strap

  • Attaches to harness tri-ring or strap

Hard Hat Attachment

  • Loop and cinch lanyard around hard hat head band or adjustment knob

Retracting End Type

Quick Connect (Q/C)

  • Quickly and easily disconnect phone from Gear Keeper retractor
  • Included Accessory: Q/C Lanyard with 3/8" Split Rin
    Nokia®-style adapter
    Adhesive Pad Attachment
  • See Other Available Accessories

Usage Notes


  • Modification of lanyard or components will void tool rating limits
  • Inspect lanyard before each use for wear
  • Inspect lanyard after dropped tool for damage
  • Replace lanyard if subjected to heavy tool drop or if lanyard exhibits wear or strain
  • Do not exceed tool weight limits
  • Not for personal fall protection
  • Do not use around machinery


Tether Industrial ANSI/ISEA 121-2018

Size: 1,83 Mb

Tool Tether

Size: 3,07 Mb

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