Tether Industrial

Tether Industrial

Injuries caused by dropped tools is a growing concern for safety professionals.
Tool tethering is a challenge for workers and safety professionals in order to effectively and safely minimize dropped tools while maintaining productivity…
Gear Keeper is your solutions provider for solving this challenge
This guide will help you solve tool attachment problems, select the proper tether based on tool weight, and provide effective solutions to improve productivity.

What is ANSI/ISEA 121-2018?

A Safety Performance Certification for Dropped Tools Products

1. Tethers need to meet a 2x drop/2x length test from a solid anchor point under ambient/hot/cold temp and moisture.

2. Anchor points need to meet a 1x load/2x length test with a non-shock absorbing lanyard.

3. Carabiners need to be captive eye and locking gate, preventing roll-out, removal, & side loading of the gate.

4. Classified Products need to contain proper labeling: tool weights/lengths, identification/tracking info, warnings.

Packaging needs to contain instructions to insure the product is used and/or installed properly.

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Key Retractor - Rotating Belt Clip Stainless Steel Cable
sku: RT45855


Key Retractor - Rotating Belt Clip Hi-Tensile Spectra/Nylon - Extended
sku: RT45850E


Key Retractor - Rotating Belt Clip Hi-Tensile Spectra/Nylon
sku: RT45851


Key Retractor - Rotating Belt Clip Hi-Tensile Spectra/Nylon - Extended
sku: RT45851E


Key Retractor - Stainless Steel Rotating Belt Clip Hi-Tensile Spectra/Nylon
sku: RT35852


Key Retractor - Rotating Belt Clip Hi-Tensile Spectra/Nylon - Extended
sku: RT35852E


High Security Key Retractor - 12oz Force - 42inch Extension
sku: RT35812


High Security Key Retractor - 18 oz. Force - 36inch Extension
sku: RT35818


High Security Key Retractor - 26oz Force - 28inch Extension
sku: RT35826


Handcuff Key Retractor - Fixed End
sku: RT25831


Handcuff Key Retractor - Disconnectable End
sku: RT25830


Super Badge Retractor
sku: RT55813


Micro Key / Tool Retractor - Snap Clip
sku: RT55801


Micro Key / Tool Retractor - Threaded Stud
sku: RT55802


Micro Key / Tool Retractor - Spring Clip
sku: RT55803


Multi Tool Security Tether
sku: RT25650


Knife or Compass Retractor - Pin Mount
sku: RT20020


Knife or Compass Retractor - Velcro Strap Mount
sku: RT20030


Knife or Compass Retractor - PM Snap Clip
sku: RT20040


Tool Attachment Load Ring Strap 15 lb
sku: RTTA13001


Tool Attachment – Load Ring Swivel – 15 lb
sku: RTTA13002


Tool attachment – Reinforced self fusing silicon tape – Clear
sku: RTTA31002


Tool Tether, Anchored, 9 foot, Stainless Steel Locking Carabiner / looped end
sku: RTTL14025


Handcuff Key Retractor, Micro, Velcro Mount
sku: RT55830


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