Retractors Instruments

Retractors Instruments

The RT3 series features 80# break strength and uses Nylon/Kevlar line. The RT2 series features 60# break strength and uses high-flex Nylon Coated Stainless Steel cable. Both series feature a high-impact housing, multiple spring forces and multiple mounting options.

The exclusive Q/C (Quick Connect) System allows instruments to be easily discon-nected from the retractor, minimizing the tethering length (gear to retractor).

The Instrumentation line includes products to meet every user’s needs—clipping to a belt, web belt solid mount setups, and shoulder straps with retracting devices.

The Rotating Belt Clip System provides a secure belt mount that allows the Gear Keeper® to rotate a full 360°, reducing cable wear and adding function.

Retractors Instruments

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