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Gear Tether – Combo MOLLE Mount 3 oz, Coyote

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Gear Tether – Combo MOLLE Mount 3 oz, Coyote

The Combo MOLLE Mount, 2 MOLLE attachments in 1 unit. A 360 degree Rotating MOLLE mount is compact, minimizes gear movement while the rotation minimizes resistance and maximizes line life.
The Velcro Strap option allows the Gear Keeper to swing out during use for minimal resistance and max line life. The mounting option not being used can be removed.

Use For gear weighting less than 3oz, to retract and hold (i.e. Tactical flashlight, compasses, Trauma shears...) Or for heavier items used as a safety tether to simply prevent loss (i.e. knives, multi tools, smart phones...)
End Type QC
Line Type Spectra/Nylon Line
Extension 36 inch
Break Rating 60-lb. Break Force
Force 3-oz Retraction Force
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